Science, Social Studies, Computer Tech, and Educational Administration

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 All contact information available upon request


Employment References

Leah Trommer, Tanglewood 4H Camp and Learning Center, Assistant Director School Program, Letter of Reference

Luisa Pizano–Director, Colegio Los Nogales, Bogota, Colombia, Letter of Reference

Adelaida Franco –Supervisor and Department Head, Colegio Los Nogales, Bogota, Colombia, Letter of Reference

Luz Elena Barrigan -Group Director, Letter of Reference

Janice Toomey –Team Leader, Rockland District Middle School, Letter of Reference

Justin Humes –Shift Supervisor, Harbor Schools of Maine, West Rockport, Maine, Letter of Reference

Jeff Sparks –Supervising Teacher, Peoples Academy, Morrisville, Vermont, Letter of Reference 


Student Reference

Ian, former sixth grade student, Rockland District Middle School, Writing Assignment completed in seventh grade


Personal References

Kristi Beck –Friend, Auburn, Maine

Dana Dellinger –Friend, Morrisville, Vermont


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